A golf club with more eagles than most

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A golf club with more eagles than most

A golf club with more eagles than most


(CNN) -- Eagles may be thin on the ground for most golfers at the Bear Trace course at Harrison Bay. But up in the treetops, it's a different matter.

Bald eagles Elliott and Eloise have been par for the course at the Tennessee club for the past three and a half years, scoring highly with both local and global audiences thanks to a camera installed by their nest in a pine tree behind the 10th green.

"The eagles came in and started building a nest in December 2010," explains golf course superintendent Paul Carter.

"The first year they had two eaglets and both fledged successfully. We were just watching them from the ground not really knowing what was going on until about mid-May when two black heads popped up out of the nest."...(FULL STORY AND VIDEO HERE)

...In addition to measures that protect wildlife populations, Carter has overseen a program which has reduced the amount of mowing and water use. He estimates that in the last decade, the course has returned 50 acres to a more natural state, saving over seven million gallons of water annually.