APRIL 25: Eaglets helicoptering and branching

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APRIL 25: Eaglets helicoptering and branching

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The eaglets have been seen helicoptering and branching the past few days.  We visited at about 10:00 AM and saw one eaglet roosting on the nest support branch just to the right of the nest and the other was in the nest. Al reported that the one roosting had been helicoptering just a few minutes earlier but both remained quite still as we looked on for about a half hour. Phil also stated that he had seen helicoptering the past couple of days.


The time of first free flight is approaching and this is a particularly hazardous period in the life of the eaglets. They may disappear for a day or two before returning to the nest to be fed. Since I will not be able to visit the nest for the next several weeks I hope that watchers get out to keep an eye on the eaglets.

Even if you do not post photos, please report any observations, however brief, or e-mail me at THIS LINK so that I may update the observation spreadsheet. I would like to record the date of first flight of each of the eaglets.