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Ed Mattis
When I arrived there was one Eglet in the nest eating. I heard what sounded like an eagle calling from the brush to the East of the nest. An adult showed in the nest at 9:13am for less then a minute. I am not sure if any food was delivered, it almost looked as if the Eglet chased the adult off the nest. The Eglet continued eating till 9:20am. At 9:37am a second Eglet landed on the nest and began eating what was there. At 9:42am an adult landed at the nest, again for less then a minute and again I saw no evidence of any food delivered. At 10:24am the Eglets left the nest to the West, did a couple of circles and flew South. The nest was empty with no Eagles in sight.


Quick Stop by adult

Two Eglets

Not Much Romm for Landing

Adult moved out on branch

Adult Leaves