DEC 14: Interesting behavior of pair at nest this morning

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DEC 14: Interesting behavior of pair at nest this morning

I arrived at the nest at about 8:45 AM this morning (DEC 14) and watched until about 9:20 AM. During those 35 minutes I took a series of 29 photos, all of which showed an adult roosting on the support limb to the right of the nest, and the barely-visible back of a second eagle deep in the nest. The second bird never showed its head and barely changed position the entire time. Streaks on this bird's tail suggest it may be the female.

08:51 AM:

09:20 AM:

I left for an appointment but returned at 9:20 AM. A single adult eagle was roosting in the same exact spot. There was now no evidence of a second bird in the nest.

10:43 AM:

This time I got a few photos of its undertail feathers and am fairly sure that it was the female (Jewel) as there were two longitudinal dark striations (possible feather vanes), each spaced about the same distance from the right and left outer tail feathers.

At 10:47 the roosting eagle flew down onto the nest. Here I could see some dark flecks on the dorsal tail coverts which again may be indicitave that this is indeed the female. However, I could not visualize the undersurface of the tail.

10:47 AM:

The (presumed) female eagle then began rearranging sticks and remained busy for about  3 minutes.

10:48 AM:

At about 10:50 she settled down and by 10:56 was barely visible above the rim of the nest.

10:56 AM:

An interpretation of this series is that initially the male was incubating and the female was standing watch, but the male then departed just before I arrived the second time and the female took over incubation duties. Of course this is speculation, but very interesting.

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Re: DEC 14: Interesting behavior of pair at nest this morning

Lisa G
I agree she is very deep in the nest . I hope she laid an Egg already :) Nice Pictures Ken

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