DEC 23: Eagles interacting on nest

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DEC 23: Eagles interacting on nest

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At about 2:00 PM today, just as MaryLou and I arrived at the nest we heard both eagles calling loudly. Both were on the nest and I thought they may be copulating. Before I got my camera out of the car the male (Pride) flew up to the supporting branch just to the right (west) of the nest.

EDITED DEC 28: MaryLou had her binoculars on the eagles while I was going for my camera, so she actually had a better view of what was going on. She is sure that the female was sitting down deep and the male was next to her or on the nest rim flapping his wings but they were not in contact. This raises the question as to whether eggs might now be in the nest and we had witnessed an exchange of incubating duties. In the past we have noted that at the time of exchange the sitting adult may actually seem hostile to the mate as if reluctant to get off the nest. They may go through a kind of recognition behavior, calling and touching bills before they switch places on the nest. Sorry but I agree that I jumped to the wrong conclusion. This also could have been a courtship display. Only frequent observation of their behavior will help clarify the status of the nesting pair.  Ken

The female (Jewel) settled down into the nest, her tail and sometimes her head visible.

Within one or two minutes the male flew out the back of the nest and disappeared behind the trees. He circled very high and a minute or so later was in clear sight for only a second or two before moving on to the south.