DEC 6: Female deep in nest for 15-20 minutes

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DEC 6: Female deep in nest for 15-20 minutes

I checked the nest this morning (DEC  6), arriving at about 11:45 and watching until around 12:30 PM. At first the nest appeared to be empty, but at time the very top of the female's head and bill would come into view. After about 15 minutes she stood up and started preening. She did not seem to be tending eggs or rearranging any sticks. She was still sitting high when I departed.

Look very closely at the top left rim of the nest to see the top of the adult eagles' head and bill (click to see larger image):

The female got up...

...then turned to face the other way:

A young Raccoon provided a bonus photo-op. It had climbed one of the dead trees just west of the nest and for a while seemed fearful about climbing back down: