DEC 9: Male reportedly seen around 10:30 AM

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DEC 9: Male reportedly seen around 10:30 AM

Mary Lou and I visited the nest before 1:00 PM today and watched for an hour. The nest was vacant, I am quite satisfied. No adults were in sight the entire time.

Phil drove by and said he had checked the nest earlier this morning and saw no eagles the first time. He said he came by at 10:30 AM and the male was at the nest. He never saw the female.

I encourage watchers to even post negative reports, as this gives us a better idea of the eagles' activity and patterns. If this pair is to breed I would expect them both to be seen rather frequently on spot checks.

Although we hope they will raise a family this season it is possible that the pair needs more time to bond and that they may not yet be ready to set up housekeeping (nest-keeping). In any event, we must know the extent to which they may be developing fidelity to this nest site.

Sorry for not posting a current milestone spreadsheet. I keep it updated but have been unable to print it as a legible PDF document. It simply will not format properly.