Eagle sighting at Sawgrass & Coral Ridge Road

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Eagle sighting at Sawgrass & Coral Ridge Road

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On November 30 R-- wrote:

Subject: Eagle Sighting

I am 95% sure I saw an eagle on top of one of the light posts on the exit 14 off of the 869 on my way home to my house in Parkland Florida yesterday late afternoon around 2:30. I have never seen an eagle before, but this time it caught my eye with its white head. I just happened to be looking online today to see if there are Eagles here in Florida and that's how I found your FB page and email.

My reply:

Hi, R---

There is an eagle nest in Deerfield Beach, only about 5 miles east of the Coral Ridge Road exit (Exit 14, I believe), just on the NE corner of the Turnpike & SW 10th St. This very well could have been one from this nest, which is now active and hopefully will be raising their young very soon. I wonder if there is a lake near there where they can catch fish and waterfowl.

Please keep an eye out as observations such as yours can provide a better idea of the birds' territorial habits.

There is always the chance that this was an eagle from a different territory, though none are known to be very near there.

You probably are familiar with Ospreys which can look like eagles but are smaller, have white bellies and do not have entirely white heads, so your 95% confidence level sounds very credible!

You may wish to register for the South Florida Eagle Nest FORUM, where anyone can post reports of their sightings.

I will post your report and this reply anonymously in the FORUM, under the Deerfield Beach nest sub-forum.

Thanks so much for your report!