Eat the turkey, SAVE THE EAGLE-- VIDEO!

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Eat the turkey, SAVE THE EAGLE-- VIDEO!

From Barbara Walker, recognition for Broward County's Eagle Watchers, and a link to this video, which I trust you will enjoy:


Barb also writes this tribute, with a touching addendum. Thank you Barbara, and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Happy Thanksgiving!  It takes lots of people to keep track of all the Bald Eagles in Pinellas County.  Other than Broward, which has only one nest, Pinellas County is the only county which has 100% of the nests covered by Eagle Watch Volunteers.  Joan Brigham continues to inspire many people and I couldn't imagine a world without Joan in it.  I am so grateful for Lynda White and the staff in Maitland, the Bald Eagle team at Fish and Wildlife, all of the volunteers who help with Eagle Watch, you are all champions,  and all of the volunteers who help with Osprey Watch, who are definitely some of the most compassionate people on earth,  and for Jeff Klinkenberg and his videographer, Mo, for doing such a wonderful story about Joan Brigham, Eagle Watch and the urban eagles - we are eternally grateful!

I received many calls and emails today in response to the article but I would like to share the text from one particular email with you.  I have omitted the name of the writer but I felt that the content is particularly touching and exemplifies the value of eagles.  Here is the letter:

"I really enjoyed the article in this morning’s paper regarding the Eagle Watch Network.  My Dad took up eagle watching when he was 79 and made it his mission to photograph them.  He would keep tabs on their activity via the internet and then take day trips to observe them.  Dad died a few years ago doing what he loved.  He was found in the woods with his camera on his chest.  I miss him so but am inspired by his striving to learn something new and appreciate nature in a unique way. "

I hope you have the best Thanksgiving ever, thank you for all you do.  I deeply appreciate it.

Barb Walker
Palm Harbor, FL