FEB 1: Exchange of incubation duties

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FEB 1: Exchange of incubation duties

Observed the nest from 9:55 until about 10:45 this morning. The male (Pride) was incubating deep in the nest and the female (Jewel) was not in sight for over an hour.

The male started calling and she suddenly appeared. The male flew up towards her to the east of the nest and they called to each other for a few seconds before the female settled down to take up incubation duties.

Note the deeper gape of the female which extends almost all the way under her eye. Her head also appears larger and rounded. Some observers have noted a few aberrant dark feathers in the white area of her upper neck. Maybe they are showing here but I cannot be sure that these are not just shadows.

An immature Broad-winged Hawk soared above the nest with a number of Black and Turkey Vultures. Note the white panels near its wing tips which help identify it in flight: