FEB 3: Both adults roosting near nest; eaglets not seen

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FEB 3: Both adults roosting near nest; eaglets not seen

Participants in the South Florida Audubon wetlands walk at SW Regional Library visited the nest at about 10:15 AM. They saw both adults fly from the nest area and take roosts on the tops of tall pines. The female (Jewel) perched quite close by, just to the west of the nest. She was identified by her heavy body (which is almost rectangular, a bit heavy to the rear) and the unique dark markings near the tip of her more massive beak:

Pride selected the Australian Pine at the very SW corner of Pines Blvd & 208th Avenue, about 200 yards to the east. His smaller body is more tapered and his shoulders look more rounded, though he is drying his wings and this distorts his profile.

There was no sign of eaglet(s) on the nest, suggesting that they may have just been fed.

The female became very alert when a Fish Crow flew close by the nest. Intermittent light rain had stopped. We departed at about 11:00 AM, the adults still both roosting.