Florida FWCC 2009 Annual Eagle Monitoring Report

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Florida FWCC 2009 Annual Eagle Monitoring Report


Barb Walker writes:

The Annual FWC Bald Eagle Monitoring Report is out.  Here is a copy for those who are interested.

This year's report is available at this link:


Previous annual reports are available on the FWC website:



Florida's Bald Eagles did very well this past nesting season, which was the most productive since monitoring began in 1999.  In 2009, there were 1340 active nests that produced 1796 young birds, or 1.34 per active nest. Successful nests produced an average of 1.62 young.

"The numbers from the 2008/2009 nesting survey represent an estimated population of between 3,565 (breeding adults, non-breeders, and subadults) and 5,360 (breeding adults, non-breeders, subadults, and young produced in 2009). This survey did not include eagles nesting in Everglades National Park (traditionally 30 to 50 pairs) and if those numbers were included the estimated population would be increased by 120 to 200 eagles."