JAN 12: Evidence that an eaglet has hatched

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JAN 12: Evidence that an eaglet has hatched

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We arrived at the nest site around 8:00 AM. The (presumed) female was on the nest and was standing up for several minutes. She appeared to be taking small bites out of a fish and also was reaching down into the nest as if possibly feeding the hatchling.

The male was roosting in the Melaleucas.

At 8:42 AM the male flew to the nest.  The pair looked into the nest for some time.

Unusually, the female did not take this opportunity to allow the male to brood/incubate. She remained low in the nest. It will be interesting to see if the male brings in most of the prey for the next few days.

The male flew up to the favored roost in the Australian Pine just east of the nest, when we had to leave. Desiree and Al had joined us early, and Dough Young of Audubon dropped by just before we departed.