JAN 22: Exchange of nest-tending duties

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JAN 22: Exchange of nest-tending duties

We observed the nest from about 9:15 until 10:00 AM this morning. There was an exchange of nest-tending duties. The female (Jewel) was sitting high in the nest, her wings partly open, perhaps shading her offspring:

Soon after we arrived, the Male (Pride) flew in and joined her, sitting to the right of her in these images.

The smaller size of the male is very evident in these views.

Both looked down into the nest but we did not see any eaglet.

The adults interacted for several minutes. Of course eagles faces are "frozen"-- they cannot smile or frown, but their actions seemed to be expressive. Perhaps these are simply part of the recognition ritual, but they almost invite captions to describe what they may be communicating to each other:

Jewel seemed to be reluctant to turn over duties, but finally she flew away and disappeared behind the nest to the east.

Pride then appeared to tend to the eaglet(s) but I found no evidence that he was feeding them.

The loss of the trees behind the nest caused strong glare from the sunlight, so photographic conditions were not favorable.