JAN 27 Rainy Day Sighting

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JAN 27 Rainy Day Sighting

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I paid my first visit to the nest this morning. Before I pulled up on the nest site, I saw what I believe to be the male fly in from the direction of the nest and land in the top of one of the cypress trees on the north side of the retention pond.

Male in cypresses across the retention pond.

I stopped to snap a couple of pictures and then pulled up to the nest. The female arrived at about the same time I did and started to feed the chick(s).

Female returning to nest

Female feeding chick

I watched for about 8 minutes until the rain started to come down a little harder, so I packed up and had just gotten back in the car, when the male showed up. So I got the gear back out and grabbed a few more photos. He only hung around for about a minute before he flew off again.

The male returns to the nest

The male flying off

I also got to explore Quiet Waters Park a bit. I've never been in the park before, and I walked around for quite a while. I found this osprey having breakfast.

A hungry osprey