JAN 31: One eaglet visible

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JAN 31: One eaglet visible

I watched the nest from about 9:00 AM until 9:45. When I arrived the female (Jewel) was sitting rather deep in the nest:

She never looked down to tend or feed any offspring. so I thought they had just been fed and were probably sleeping. After about 20 minutes I walked back to the car and was ready to attend to other chores. No sooner had I closed the door when the male (Pride) flew in, carrying a large white bird (an adult White Ibis. I reached for the camera but was too late to get a photo before he landed on the nest. Pride is on the right:

Jewel promptly flew up to roost just above the nest:

Pride got right to work, tearing at and "butchering" the prey:

Very soon a curious little fuzzy "Bobble-head" appeared:

No other eaglet was evident. Pride fed her repeatedly, although this does not look like a very tasty morsel!