JAN 4: Probable new female "Newfee" sighted east of nest area

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JAN 4: Probable new female "Newfee" sighted east of nest area

I have been watching for eagles almost every morning from the unpaved extension of Miramar Parkway  that borders the the wetlands SW of the corner of Pembroke Road & SW 196th Avenue. Although I usually watch for 30-45 minutes and have a good view of the sky in the entire SE quadrant from the nest, I have seen no eagles during the past two weeks.

At 7:15 this morning, about 12 minutes after sunrise, a sub-adult (early 5th year) Bald Eagle flew due east to a dead pine near the corner of SW 196th Avenue and the Pembroke Road right-of-way.This was about 1/3 mile north of my location, which is about 1 1/2 miles SE of the Pembroke Pines eagle nest.

In less than a minute it took flight in a line slightly east of due south, in the direction of the large lake in Sunset Lakes. It flew past me to the east about 200 yards away. The light was poor but I believe its markings resemble "Newfee" rather than the younger immature bird that has also been photographed near the nest.

I believe it is the female that has been accompanying the adult male (Pride) whose mate (Joy) has been absent from the nest area since October 30th. This is a composite from several of my photos:

Bald Eagle comp 20150104