Jan 14:Prey drop; Jan 15 Immature eagle south of nest

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Jan 14:Prey drop; Jan 15 Immature eagle south of nest

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The male (Pride) arrived with a small prey item and dropped it in the nest while the female (Jewel) continued brooding the eaglet(s) on a cold and windy morning.

Pride looked down into the nest and Jewel reached in the direction of the prey. Others have noticed he has a dark mark at the gape of his bill on the right side:

He called out and then flew up to roost just to the left of the nest:

The next morning just after sunrise, as we walked in the west Miramar wetlands about 1 1/2 miles SE of the nest, an immature Bald Eagle appeared from the west and made a pass at an Osprey. It continued flying towards the east.

Later, from about 1:10 PM we watched the nest for a half hour. Jewel was sitting high and never changed position or acted as if tending or feeding any young. Pride was not in view. Note that she has a stained area near the tip of her beak at the hook.