May 19, 2010

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May 19, 2010

Georgia M
I arrived at 9:00 but there were no eagles in the nest area, so at 10:00 decided to take a break and go to the nature trail on Sheridan St.  Driving north on US 27, on the west side just north of Johnson St, I thought I saw an eaglet but was in the wrong lane with traffic behind me.  On my way back to the nest at 10:30, I pulled off of US 27 and verified the eaglet.  He was being harassed by a blue jay, amongst others, but was content to just sit atop the dead malaleucas and preen.  There were no other eagles in the area.  It started raining and thundering just to the south, so I left at noon.  Lighting was terrible for pictures, but here are a few (hopefully if I do this right).