NOV 25: Is female possibly incubating?

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NOV 25: Is female possibly incubating?

This morning at 7:05 AM an adult eagle flew over the west Miramar wetlands about 1 1/2 mile SE of nest area. It appeared less bulky and its head shape appeared to indicate it was the male (Pride).

We visited the nest around 10 AM and found one adult roosting on the nest support limb to the right. Could not see any other eagle. It is possible that an adult was deep in the nest, as the left front of the nest is built up quite a bit, but there was no evidence of this.

I think the eagle we could see was the male, as we could see its foot and the rear toe (hallux) did not look to be unusually long. It had stretched its foot out and i got a pretty good look, but the photo shows the toes all clenched like a fist. It also appeared a bit on the small size but there was no basis for comparison.

Please keep an eye on the nest to see if there are signs of incubation, such as shifting position and returning deep in the nest, or incubation exchange between the male and female.

Note the clenched foot: