NOV 9, 10, 11: Eagles actively restoring nest

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NOV 9, 10, 11: Eagles actively restoring nest

Mary Lou and I visited the nest several times during the past few days. Material has been added to the right side of the nest which suffered damage from storms including Hurricane Irma.

This morning at 8:00 AM they were not present, but we returned at 9:10 AM and found both of the adults on the nest. They were moving sticks at first, but settled down close together for a moment, The male (Pride) is in the foreground:

Notice the nictitating membrane of Jewel, the female. This transleucent "third eyelid" extends out from the corner of the eye, lubricating and protecting it.

Pride prepares to fly:

He looks down at the nest from the support branch:

Yesterday one of the adults circled high above the nest: