OCT 25: Both adults reconstructing nest

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OCT 25: Both adults reconstructing nest

I arrived at the nest at about 9:30 AM this morning and watched for about a half hour. I found the female (Jewel) rearranging sticks on the nest:

At about 9:50 the male (Pride) suddenly flew in from the left side of the nest. There was no vocalizing. I do not think he brought in any sticks but it happened so fast that I cannot be sure:

They both got back to work on the nest for a minute or two...

...but Pride then flew up to the nest support branch to the right:

Jewel continued working on the nest until I departed:

I think that the right side of the nest which fell down before the hurricane was not used to support the platform last year. They seem to have shifted the cup of the nest more around to the left (east) side of the tree trunk.

The City has replaced the warning signs along the road. There is a temporary gravel path directly in front of the nest, running from the road to the FPL gate. I assume it was constructed to provide access for utility vehicles and prevent them from sinking into the mud or damaging the sidewalk:  

The larger area near the road was probably cleared to provide safe parking off the roadway: