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Observation Wed, 15 Jan, 11:15-12:15pm

When I arrived 1 adult was laying in the nest....somewhat low.  Several minutes later it got up and a second adult flew to a branch above the nest, both calling. The nest adult flew off to the northwest and several minutes later the adult from the tree flew over the street and made a big circle, entering the nest from the east.

The arriving adult spent most of its time standing and looking into the nest, no feeding.  At 11:30, the other adult flew to a branch at the very top of the nest tree, circling in from behind and then across the road and spent some time preening.  After a few minutes the adults began talking back and forth and then the adult in the nest flew off to the west and the original parent flew back down to the nest.

At 11:50am there was another, very quick exchange, one in, one out.  I believe the adult entering had a small prey item in one talon when it flew over us and began tearing at it and bending over quite low in the nest....as if feeding. No head(s) of the young were seen. The departing parent flew west through the nest woods and I lost sight. A car stopped and told us one of the adults was perched in the dead trees so we went down to see it and it was still there as I left.

Several cars were there when I arrived, with passengers looking for the nest, so I was able to show it to them and answer most of their questions.  They were 5 women from Boynton Beach who belong to the Shutterbug Camera Club so they were taking lots of shots! The light was quite dark and it kept drizzling, so I hope they got some pictures as amazing as the show put on by the eagles. They were having such a great time and so over joyed to see the eagles! One of the women is the manager at Green Cay and we were discussing ways to get donations for the nest, maybe with Green Cays help. We exchanged emails and Ken, and other eagle watchers, we can talk further. (I'm going back out of town so will have to check pictures later!)