Saturday 10-9-2010

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Saturday 10-9-2010

Jill W
 I went to the nest area at about 1:20 this afternoon and there was nobirdy to be seen on or around the nest.  I went to lunch and returned to the nest area at about 3:15.  I saw one slacker (he/she just stood there for an hour) on a branch of an Australian Pine tree east of the nest area.

I was hoping that I would observe an adult bringing nest material, but no such luck today.  At least I was able to get a decent pic of the bird.

OT- I was visiting the Bonnet House about a week ago and I thought for sure I heard an American Bald Eagle calling out from a tree.  I didn't think it was possible for one to be there.  I looked all over for what was making that noise.  Finally, I saw two squirrel monkeys up in the trees.