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Think You Know Our National Bird?  Take Our Bald Eagle Quiz and Find Out!

Posted on Saturday, June 30, 2012 by eNature

Patriotism is back in fashion, and one of America’s most potent icons is the Bald Eagle.

But how much do you know about our national bird? Find out now by taking the eNature “Bald Eagles by the Numbers” quiz.

Q. How many species of Bald Eagles are there in the world?

A. One.

Q. What’s the average number of eggs laid per Bald Eagle nest?

A. Two.

Q. How many years does it take for a Bald Eagle to reach adulthood?

A. Five.

Q. What percentage of Bald Eagles actually survive to adulthood?

A. Ten. Most succumb to starvation as immatures.

Q. What’s the depth, in feet, of a large Bald Eagle nest?

A. Twelve. Bald Eagles build the largest nests in the world that are made by a single pair of birds. Some nests weigh over a thousand pounds.

Q. What’s the average weight, in pounds, of a female Bald Eagle?

A. Twelve. In common with most other birds of prey, female Bald Eagles are considerably larger than their mates.

Q. How many pairs of Bald Eagles are currently nesting in Massachusetts?

A. Seventeen (as of 2010). This is up from zero a decade or so ago.

Q. How many years have Bald Eagles used a single nest?

A. Thirty-five. Once established, Bald Eagle nests are frequently used perennially.

Q. What percentage of a Bald Eagle’s diet is typically fish?

A. Eighty.

Q. In what year was the Bald Eagle pronounced the national bird of the United States?

A. Seventeen eighty-two.

Q. How many Bald Eagles can congregate in the fall along the Chilkat River in Alaska?

A. Four thousand. The eagles visit the area to feed on salmon that are dying after having spawned.

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